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TWTV tries to be fair to its clients, freelancers, and staff who work with us. The following guidelines are standard TWTV policy. If one or more of these items are not acceptable, or if your shoot involves extenuating circumstances please be sure to resolve these issues with us before your shoot.


For established clients with approved credit: Net 20 days


Cash On Delivery


Voice mail at the TWTV office functions 24 hours a day. Please notify us immediately if your shooting schedule should change.

We are obligated to charge a fee for short-notice cancellations to compensate for lost bookings and lost wages for freelancers.

Cancellation within less than 24 hours notice: 100% of the rate quoted. Cancellation between 24 to 36 hours notice: 50% of the rate quoted. If call time has not been determined at booking time, a 9 a.m. call will be assigned.


Ten hours, portal to portal. This 10-hour period begins when the crew leaves the TWTV office and ends when the crew arrives at the office after the shoot. For out-of-town shoots, the work day begins when the crew leaves their hotel and ends when the crew returns to their hotel. One meal break of at least 30 minutes is to be provided before the end of the sixth hour.

In the event that the meal break is not provided in a timely fashion, one hour of the crew overtime will be added, regardless of the length of the shoot day.


Four hours on location. Shoots that run one hour or less over the 4 hours will be billed for an additional hour at 1.5 times the hourly rate for crew and equipment. Shoots that are over 5 hours will be billed at the full day rate.


Overtime is billed at 1.5 times the hourly rate. Except for one hour of over time on half-day shoots, overtime is billed for crew only based on their individual rates for a 10 hour-day. All hours over 14 will be billed at double time.


Local Shoots: When meal breaks are under one hour in length, or if the crew is expected to remain on location for their meal, it is the clients responsibility to plan and pay for crew meals of reasonable quality. When longer meal breaks are given and the crew has a choice or reasonable places to eat, you are not responsible for providing or paying for crew meals.

Out of Town Shoots: You are responsible for providing all meals, or for reimbursement of actual meal expenses incurred.


Travel days within the continental US are billed at 75% for both crew and equipment. Days qualifying as travel days must be either the first and/or last day of a shoot, and may not begin earlier than 3 p.m. on the day before the first production day. Travel time per day may not exceed 8 hours.

Travel days between production days on extended shoots, travel days beginning earlier that 3 p.m. on the day before the first production day,and travel days over 8 hours in length are billed at full day rate. Travel time on the same days production, either before or after working production hours, are counted as regular work hours; regular crew overtime rates will apply for hours after 10 p.m.


Unless prior approval is given, separate rooms must be provided for all crew members.


One production vehicle is included in regular rates for shoot locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Mileage, additional vehicles, and vehicles for out-of-town shoots are not included in regular rates and will be billed separately.


We are happy to provide transportation for producers and clients in the production vehicle, but please be aware that if doing so requires us to obtain other transportation for crew members, additional charges will apply. Times spent providing transportation will be billed as part of the regular workday.


Any assignment involving ambush interviews or clandestine reporting must be fully disclosed at the time of booking. We must have this information in advance in order to properly crew your shoot as some individuals are not suited to these assignments.


TWTV reserves the right to arrange a qualified substitute for any crew member unable to report to the shoot for any reason. Every attempt will be made to notify you of any crew substitutions in advance of the shoot.

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